SHIPPING CHARGES APPLY Sound + Vision is a site-specific podcast examining the interconnection of visual art and music presented by
  WINSTON TAYLOR RECORDS. Moderated by Jeffrey Grunthaner, the series invites artists to reflect on
STORE and discuss how music has impacted their creative lives. The second installment of the series features Stefan
CONTACT Tcherepnin.
  Stefan Tcherepnin (b. 1977) is a Brooklyn-based visual artist, composer and musician. His work often
  employs music and performance in conjunction with sculpture, painting, video and architecture, taking the
  form of installations that convey multiple narratives. He frequently collaborates with other artists and from
  2007-2011, he was a member of the art action collective, Grand Openings. Alongside artist Josef Strau,
  Tcherepnin initiated The Metaphysical Store and Narrative Gallery in various iterations, including at
  Paramount Ranch (LA), Übersetzungsbuero (Berlin), Frieze London and The Liverpool Biennial. He has also
  composed scores for two musicals, in collaboration with artist Ei Arakawa and writer Dan Poston. Paris &
  Wizard: The Musical (an adaptation of the eponymous novel by Seth Price) was premiered in 2013 at  
  MoMA, and How to DISappear in America: The Musical in 2016 at the Berlin Biennial. Tcherepnin  
  collaborated with artists Emanuel Rossetti and Tobias Madison to create Drip Event (2013), an immersive  
  composition/installation that included weekly flooding of upper floor of The Power Station. The resonating  
  ounds of water dripping through the ceiling into the main gallery were later recorded and employed on a  
  double-LP, which in turn became a catalog for the exhibition and debut record of their band, Solar Lice.  
  Tcherepnin frequently works with composer, Wally Blanchard, who has composed soundtracks to all of  
  Tcherepnin’s films, including Learning Movie (2014), Forgetting Movie (2016) and The Mad Masters.  
  A recording of Tcherepnin’s 2018 performance alongside Swiss pianist, Marianne Schroeder, of Maryanne  
  Amacher’s Petra (1991) for two pianos, was released by Blank Forms Editions in 2019 to critical acclaim  
  The debut recording of his band, Afuma (with Taketo Shimada), is forthcoming on the same label. Tcherepnin  
  s also one half of Swedish psych-skate-jazz duo, PSST (with Paul Sigerhall), whose album Real Gospel was  
  released on PTRoleum records earlier this year.  
  Tcherepnin has had recent solo exhibitions at the Stedelijk Museum (Amsterdam), Freedman Fitzpatrick  
  (LA), Galerie Francesca Pia (Zurich) and Real Fine Arts (NY). His forthcoming solo exhibition at Kunsthalle  
  Zurich will open in fall, 2019. Tcherepnin is represented by Galerie Francesca Pia and Freedman Fitzpatrick.  
  Jeffrey Grunthaner is a writer and artist based in NY.  
  1. ST + Wally Blanchard - Untitled (1995-ish)  
  2. "Tiger's Eye" (ST + Alisa Clements) - Suck on a crumb (80's)  
  3. Afuma (ST, David Silver and Taketo Shimada) - Assisted Suicide  
  4. Afuma - Existential Blowfish  
  5. PSST (ST + Paul Sigerhall) - Första Huset  
  6. Maryanne Amacher - Petra (excerpt)  
  7. ST + Seth Price - Gowanus 03 & 05, 2007