Thumb / Index
SHIPPING CHARGES APPLY Ryan Conrad Sawyer’s special edition record, Thumb/Index, is a two-sided LP that
  was produced from scans of his thumb (side A) and index (side B) finger along with
STORE engineer Leigh T. Hanes. The record can be played on a standard turntable, producing
CONTACT a sound piece that is completely unique to the artist’s fingerprints, or treated as a
  sculptural work.
  This is not your typical phonograph record. It has the potential to damage your
  turntable, especially the tone arm and needle. That being said, if you are willing to
  take the risk you will be rewarded with a unique listening experience.
To play this record you first need to attach a bumper to keep the needle within the
  grooves. Any small cylindrical object will do, and can be attached easily with a strong  
tape. The record is designed in such a way that the tone arm will tend towards the
  center of the record, so the bumper will prevent the needle from skipping off the  
  grooves and allow the record to play indefinitely.