SHIPPING CHARGES APPLY Ben Mendelewicz is a visual artist and musician working in New York City. The southern-gothic style seen in his
  print work unsettles and then mesmerizes viewers. When I first searched through Mendelewicz’s catalogue I found
STORE the work intimidating. There is not a lot of plain information in the storylines, but a whole lot of psychedelic sharp
CONTACT turns that have your eyes rushing forward. As I dug more, I began to soak up his dream-logic atmosphere and
  bawdy characterizations. Everything in his world seems to be slightly electrocuted and a little raunchy.
  Mendelewicz is part of Macula Dog, a collaboration with bandmate Matt Cutler. The band is unique in style and
  surprise as well. Mendelewicz and Cutler (who are brothers, cousins, or neither depending on the moment) are
  known to use mannequins and odd costumes in performances. The bizarre prop show adds dimension to an already
  experimental sound. It is not clear if the theatrics are for their own fun as a duo or for the audience’s experience.
  I was able to talk to Mendelewicz about his artwork and music here in our July interview. We met on a roof in
  Lower Manhattan and enjoyed a breezy afternoon -- which you’ll hear a little bit of in the recording. We spoke a
  lot about humor versus horror in respect to the way his work is received. I most enjoyed hearing about Ben’s  
  technique in manipulating images, his plans for more soap opera comics and his solo music ambitions.  
  Ben elaborates on the fantastic mix he put together for the show. The playlist features ZZ Top, Maxine Brown,  
  Charles Dodge and other murky good ones.  
  Donovan - Hurdy Gurdy Man  
  Beherit - Paradise (Part III)  
  Charles Dodge - He Destroyed Her Image  
  Cylob - Why Are You Pushing Me Away  
  ZZ Top - Ten Foot Pole  
  Maxine Brown - You'll Come Running